What carbon blocks fit my filter?

If you have one of the white housings then you can use any of the Carbon blocks, including the Fibredyne and ultra-filtration insert.

I have the old Wickes housing what filters fit this?

The carbon block for chlorine, taste and odour and the carbon block for chlorine, taste and dour and scale reduction are the only blocks that fit this housing. We do recommend that the housings are changed every 5 years.

My tap has started to drip what do I do?

Unfortunately, once the taps start to drip it means the ceramic fittings inside have worn down, these are built in and you would need to purchase a new tap

Do I need a plumber to fit this?

No you don’t necessarily need a plumber as we send instructions out with the all orders

Do I reuse the spigot from my last cartridge?

Yes these twist off your last carbon block and twist back on to the new block.

Do I need connectors with a white housing?

No these are built in to this housing and are push fit so you don’t need any additional connectors